James R. Huntsberger

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Limited Edition Prints

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Complete Listing of all Limited Edition Prints

Asters_Large.jpg (16412 bytes)

Chadds_Ford_Inn.jpg (9601 bytes)

LLLafayettes_Hdq._Large.jpg (89925 bytes)

November_Large.jpg (85710 bytes)


Chadds Ford Inn




Geranium_Large.jpg (21656 bytes)

Springhouse_Large.jpg (21637 bytes)

Rockford_Tower_Large.jpg (23287 bytes)

Grand_Opera_House_Large.jpg (25355 bytes)



Rockford Tower

Grand Opera House


Sunset_Large.jpg (57398 bytes)

Nubble_Light_Large.jpg (15231 bytes)

View_Of_Portsmouth_Large.jpg (16065 bytes)

Schooner_Large.jpg (91270 bytes)


Nubble Light

View of Portsmouth



Rehoboth_Beach__Large.jpg (64039 bytes)

Henlopen_Eve_Large.jpg (11202 bytes)

Seeptember_Large.jpg (57688 bytes)

Mallaard_Pond_Large.jpg (19158 bytes)

Rehoboth Beach

Henlopen Evening


Mallard Pond


Low_Tide_Large.jpg (14563 bytes)

Coopers_Shoppe_Large.jpg (22501 bytes)

Monticrllo_Kitchen_Large.jpg (16635 bytes)

The_Mill_Large.jpg (131657 bytes)

Low Tide

Cooper's Shoppe

Monticello Kitchen

The Mill


Old Main Small.jpg (47307 bytes)

Henry_Clay_Mill_Large.jpg (16842 bytes)

Strawberries_Large.jpg (11071 bytes)

Buckleys_Tavern_Large.jpg (16966 bytes)

Old Main- Bethany
College (West VA)

Henry Clay Mill


Buckley's Tavern


Chad_House_Large.jpg (16541 bytes)

Chad_House_Window_Large.jpg (10711 bytes)

Jessops_Tavern_Large.jpg (22530 bytes)

Zwaannendael_Museum_Large.jpg (20278 bytes)

Chad House

Chad House Window

Jessop's Tavern

Zwannendael Museum


Ladys_Slipper_Large.jpg (58738 bytes)

Sea_glass_and_Urchin_Large.jpg (53558 bytes)


A Complete
List of Prints

Lady's Slipper

Sea Glass & Urchin


James R. Huntsberger prints are reproduced from his original oil paintings in full color using the highest quality printing craftmanship and the finest quality paper.  Each print is hand signed and numbered in limited editions.  Artist's Proofs are available for all  prints.  You may check availablity on "A Complete List of Prints".


The copyright to all the images on this site belongs to James R. Huntsberger.  The images are published for illustration and to promote the art of James R. Huntsberger.  They may not be used, in whole or part, for any other purpose.  No reproduction, mounting, trimming, matting or framing may be made using any Huntsberger image contained herein.  To do so violates James R. Huntsberger's copyright.  If you have any information on products that are substantially similar to any in the Huntsberger collection, please bring them to our attention.  Thank you.

Copyright   James R. Huntsberger, 1999

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