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    James R. Huntsberger

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Huntsberger’s Giclées are replicas of his original oil paintings – printed with permanent inks on high-quality, neutral pH archival paper to assure they will retain their value.  Producing Giclée limited edition replicas is a great way for Huntsberger to make his art more widely available - by offering affordable alternatives to more expensively priced originals. If someone loves a particular image, and the only way she or he can own it is to buy it in the form of a signed, limited edition Giclée, that's absolutely OK.  The Giclée process allows Huntsberger to capture the vivid detail and stunning artistic effects of his award-winning paintings in an affordable medium.  Huntsberger produces very small editions – 75 or fewer – of each image in three page sizes: 

8½ x 11”                     $30

13” x 19”                    $80

22” x 17”                    $125

Giclées are individually produced, signed and numbered by one of Brandywine Valley’s most sought-after artists.  All of these fine art prints frame beautifully.

Most every image on this website can be replicated as a Giclée.  J.R. has had some large Giclées on canvas commercially produced by a carefully selected regional printer who has an excellent reputation.  If you need a replica on canvas rather than an original oil painting for your beach house, or a rental unit, please contact us.  We will be happy to give you an free estimate for the image you desire. 


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Agave.jpg (86501 bytes)

The_Cove.jpg (62676 bytes)

Garden_gate_Web.jpg (69290 bytes)


The Cove

Garden Gate



Plitvica_Lakes.jpg (94309 bytes)

Infamy_9-11-2001_small.jpg (1679 bytes)

Autumn.jpg (96075 bytes)

Snack Time

Plitvica Lakes

Infamy 9-11-01



Copy of Oil Hnlpn lt2.jpg (45819 bytes)

Blue_Hesper.jpg (63599 bytes)

Pink_Orchids.jpg (26114 bytes)

Henlopen Light

End of an Era

Blue Hesper

Pink Orchids


Yellow Rhododendron.jpg (104978 bytes)

Chad_House_Large_small.jpg (3239 bytes)

Boothbay Harbor

Yellow Rhododendron

Chads House

Henlopen Light III

Artemesia.jpg (88135 bytes)

Cl_assicalWhiteOrchids.jpg (41181 bytes)

Henry_Clay_Mill_Large_small.jpg (2010 bytes)

Low_Tide_Large_small.jpg (2298 bytes)


Classical White Orchids

Henry Clay Mill

Low Tide



Giclées are replicas of JR's original oil paintings made  using permanent pigmented inks.  Therefore, the high resolution images are resistant to fading.

JR is very proud of the image and color fidelity of these fine replicas on canvas or neural pH watercolor paper.



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